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Maharashtra Village Social Transformation Foundation


Payment Refund Policy


  1. Refunds of application fees shall be done only in case of double payment for the same application ID. Such refund shall be processed If application fees are paid through Debit/Credit Card mode of payment.

  2. Refunds amount of application shall be credited to the same Debit/Credit card number through which the payment was made.

  3. Bank charges applicable if any, will be deducted from the amount of fees paid by the candidates and the balance amount will be refunded to the Debit/Credit card.

  4. Payment of partial amount of excess fees is non-refundable.

  5. Payment of excess amount of fees on account of change in category is non-refundable.

  6. Refund of application fees shall be processed only subject to intimation of claim lodged by the applicant with the respective bank for Debit/Credit card

  7. Refund of application fees paid through Net Banking/Axis/SBI Challan mode cannot be done even though double payment has been made for the same application ID.

  8. If payment of application fees for the same application ID is made using different payment mode, then refund of such double payment made through different mode cannot be made.

  9. Refund process may require minimum 15 days from the date when intimation about lodgment of claim for refund is received by MKCL from the bank.